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The Necessity for Fundraising

A Few Words About Fundraising
 Last year was a very successful year for the Windsor Figure Skating Club. Your elected Board worked very hard to increase the Club's membership and to develop and enhance our programs. Between the registration fees, Skater Lottery Tickets and Bingos we finished the year with a slight surplus. However, ice costs have increased again this year, raising our (projected) bill from the City of Windsor. 
 Although we have been forced to pass on a modest increase in registration fees we believe that to raise the fees high enough to cover all of our costs it would become cost prohibitive for all but a very few parents. Thus it is necessary for us to do fundraising and to make it as equitable as we can.
This year, as last, we will have three major components to our fundraising program. The single largest component is our annual competition. Typically, this event and the volunteers that help to make it the success that it is, raises about one-half of our shortfall.
The second component, which is necessary if we wish to keep the sanction for our competition is the Ontario Skaters Lottery tickets. This year we are asking all of the CanSkate families to take one book of tickets to sell. It is added to all canskate level registration packages and paid for in advance.  Once the book of tickets is sold by the member, they keep the money and therefore are not out of pocket for any of the tickets.
The third component is Bingo's, and our experience has demonstrated a need to encourage all of our Junior, Intermediate and Senior Skater parents to get involved.  Currently we are working a minimum of 4 sessions per month at the Derby Bingo. As it has required a great deal of effort to find volunteers to work the Bingo's your Board has chosen to develop the policy as outlined below:
Parents of Junior, Intermediate and Senior skaters will be required to leave on deposit one, two or three respectively, post dated cheques for $120 each at the time of registration.
At the time of registration you may request one, two or three dates or months (typically the dates are scheduled 3 months in advance) to correspond to the cheques. Each $120 cheque represents four sessions.
When you finish the four sessions your post-dated cheque will be returned to you.
Any family member over the age of fourteen years is allowed to work the bingo
Families with more than one skater will be required to work no more than six bingos (4 sessions each).
Anyone wishing to work additional bingo's will be issued a $15 credit per session that may be applied towards next years registration fees.
There is a dress code enforced; no (short) shorts, sleeveless shirts or hats.
Reduce Your Skating Fees for the 2003 - 2004 Skating Season by earning credits working bingos
Derby Bingo
University & Cameron
1279 University Ave. West
Windsor, ON

Please be present a 1/2 hour before your session starts.

Dates and Times of upcoming bingos:
To work bingos please contact any of our board members at the rink or our bingo chair person
Patty Fram